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Harry the Chihuahua

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Team Mascot

Finally, if you are lucky you might get to meet the firm's mascot, an expert in negotiating for food and walks and a master at being cute.

Harry has recently been the focus of some of our Charitable activity, before the Pandemic he was the poster boy for a Halloween photo shoot and our 'Charity Wills' Campaign to support a local Small Dog Rescue.

He is in the office with us everyday and often travels with us when we need to visit clients across the UK. He has enjoyed trips to many diverse places including Ascot, Barry Island,  Yorkshire, Staffordshire & Devon.

About Us

Experience Counts

Signing a Contract

Transition Law is a modern and progressive, Business and Private Client Paralegal Law firm. We operate Nationally and have qualified professional staff based around the UK. We specialise in protection issues for Small Business, including Estate Planning, Business Lasting Powers of Attorney and Data Protection/GDPR issues. We were one of the first UK Law firms to recognise the exposure issues for SMEs under the regulations and consequently offer a FREE GDPR assessment for small businesses owners and self employed sales people.

The Firm benefits from a highly experienced and enthusiastic Head of Practice with over 20 years Legal experience and supported by an enthusiastic Paralegal team who are very customer focused and intent on providing all clients with an excellent customer journey.

Our mission is to provide a first class, modern professional Legal service to clients old and new, our success can be measured by the testimonials from our happy clients which you can view HERE.

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Robert Linford

Head of Practice

Our Head of Practice, Robert Linford, LLB (hons) has been qualified in Law for over 25 years. During that time he has advised many SME businesses in the UK, Europe and North America.


Robert has a dedicated passion for the SME sector and works with business owners to understand the legal framework which supports their businesses, with expertise in Business Consultancy, Succession and the latest General Data Protection Law. (GDPR)

His Business consultancy credentials stretch back over 20 years with clients located in the UK, USA, Cyprus, Africa and Australia.

Previous clients include Start up firms, Construction Companies, Cross channel Ferry operators, Alternative energy inventors, Race car designers, Aviation companies, Chocolatiers even Shire Horse farms.

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Jennifer Linford

Head of Client Liaison

As head of our Client liaison and Business Consultancy team, Jennifer has a great deal of experience in advising individuals and business owners in Human Resources & Data Protection Law

However, as a qualified Psychologist and Mediator her understanding of people and skill in negotiations and mediation is invaluable and unparallelled.

Jennifer is used to dealing with the many delicate  issues relating to HR and staffing problems. She has experience in establishing call centres from start up situations through to IPO and has also turned around struggling businesses when the management was failing.


Contact Jennifer for advice on Business Mediation  and Alternative Dispute Resolution matters.