GDPR Safe Business Marketing Course

Avoid a BIG Fine!

Since GDPR happened – Traditional Marketing Techniques using

Cold Telesales – Cold Email & SMS Marketing – Cold Lead Generation



Those who don’t KNOW this are being FINED and Prosecuted almost EVERY DAY!



Here are TWO inconvenient Truths:

1) All Businesses need new Prospects, Customers and sales Leads!

2) All Businesses now HAVE to comply with the GDPR & Data Protection rules on Contact and Consent.

At first glance, these two facts seem to be Mutually Exclusive!

Are they REALLY Designed to act as a Sales Prevention force or even SHUT YOU DOWN!?

Learn how to Fight Back - Legally - On our Safe Marketing Course!



* If you could afford TV advertising – You’d be using it – Right?

* Have you got a large customer base creating loads of business referrals - No?

* Then you MUST figure out a way to generate new customers and leads but stay Legal!



Small Businesses are the Backbone of EVERY Economy!

* UK Small Businesses need help with GDPR compliant marketing NOW!

* Compliance can run into ££THOUSANDS and who has money for extras like that?

Find out what YOU need to know BEFORE there’s a knock at the door!

*  We teach you real world practical and 'GDPR SAFE' Marketing Techniques

*  Use S.H.I.E.L.D marketing to gain customers by demonstrating compliance

*  To ensure your ongoing success and reduce financial hardship.


A Full Day’s Training Course only £450!

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