Data Protection Legal Support Packages


What is it ....?

The ONE THING everyone agrees about when it comes to Legal Services is that they cost money. The main question is usually - How Much Money will it cost?

The idea of a Legal Services Support Package is to arrange your Legal Services in advance, know exactly what you will pay for them PLUS as with most things paid in advance, you can expect a healthy discount on Standard Fees.

Why do you need one ....?


ALL businesses MUST comply with GDPR and Data Protection Laws - Some do it better than others and we know some don't care at all BUT the average fine for a small business from the Data Regulator is around £40,000 so this information will be useful for YOU!

The Data Regulator looks for a Culture of Compliance in businesses there are few better ways to demonstrate your intentions than by having professional advice on call.

The task of Properly and Legally organising and running the Data Protection requirements of a small business is NOT likely to be within the existing skill set of your current staff - So you have FOUR CHOICES.

1) Add Data Protection legal training to your own already over stretched schedule.

2) Pay for additional training to Upskill your existing staff.

3) Recruit new and already qualified staff for the role.

4) Engage an external Professional to support your business.

Most Businesses choose NUMBER FOUR and then buy additional help and advice as necessary on an ad hoc basis.

Number Four is usually the cheapest option but the costs can still mount up with regular updating of paperwork and policies, staff training, answering Subject Access Requests, assessment of Data Breaches etc.. etc.. etc..

The smart business owner will establish a FIXED COST Data Protection Legal Support Package which will accommodate all of the existing business needs and have the ability to grow with the business.

What are the Problems I can avoid ....?

1) HR Issues: Using a third party provider will avoid the HR issues implicit with in-house provsion:- No Staff Sickness issues, No overtime payments, No staff management problems, No payments for holidays, personality conflicts, larger offices or even coffee machines!

2) Peace of Mind: Relying on advice from staff members can be risky, even 'qualified' ones will have a limit on their knowledge. You will need to ensure they keep their knowledge up to date with expensive training courses and CPD seminars. Also, if the sole Data Contact for the business is ill or on holiday - What then?

3) Reductions in costs: Staff costs do not stop at wages. PAYE and pension payments, holidays and sickness, are all made by the Employer in addition to the basic wage. Some costs continue even when the staff member is  not there.

4) Training: Staff training in Data Protection is a legal requirement but the training and experience you provide for your 'Data Manager' or 'Compliance Manager' is valuable to them when they apply for another job. You can effectively be training staff for your competition.

5) As the business grows scalable external support is essential to grow with your business.

6) Direct Legal Support ensures your business is Reactive in Real Time so you are not waiting for updates in this fast moving area of Law or missing out on access to new and better ways to protect your business in the Privacy economy.

7) There are a number of POSITIVE COMMERCIAL BENEFITS to your organisation including:

i) Alerting clients to your compliant status which improves trust in gaining new business

ii) No Staff training costs for updating their knowledge

iii) Spending less money on compliance improves your bottom line

iv) All support package expenses are fully Tax Deductible.

A smart business owner will establish a Data Protection Legal Support Package which will accommodate all of the existing business needs and have the ability to grow with the business.

Does the cartoon below look like a possible or even worse, a familiar scenario in your business?

Staff 1-1.png


What is in the Package ....?

They can be Bespoke and fully Scalable but a Small Business initial Package would include:

1) FOUR HOURS of independent Legal Advice Monthly and a Monthly Report.

2) A named individual, who understands your business, available by telephone and email.

3) Updating Gap Analysis advice and review on a monthly basis.

4) Compliant Policy Documentation Offline & Online Website updates as required.

5) Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) assessment and response writing assistance.

6) Maintenance of your Data Breach and Subject Access Request Register at our offices.

7) Data Breach assessment and response advice. (provided within 24 Hours.)

8) Data Processing Impact Assessment (DPIA) advice as required.

9) Induction Staff Training delivery by Video conference as required for each new member.

10) Ongoing Staff Training delivery by Video conference as legally required. (Every 6 months)

11) Supplier Contract review and assessment included in your package.

12) Business Marketing Advice included in your package.

What will it Cost ....?


An SME Package with the above features costs £450 per month on a renewable contract.

During the contract term we ensure that all Regulatory changes are incorporated into your paperwork, policies and staff training delivery. At the end of each contract term we conduct a full Data Audit for the business and update all paperwork and procedures accordingly.

A Support package of this nature compares very favorably to paying an in house data contact or simply assigning the task to an existing staff member with no guarantee of competence in their additional tasks.



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