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Data Protection & GDPR Services for the Small Business Owner

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply to ALL businesses that process Data regardless of the size of the Organisation. Personal Data means information that can be used to identify a person such as Name, Address, Telephone number even an image on your CCTV system.


NB: Transition Law offers a FREE Telephone Advisory Service for Businesses which includes a written report on your GDPR compliance status.

To get your own FREE Telephone Assessment call us on 0330 2233 506

Here is a 'Ten Point Plan' of what ALL business owners have to do for GDPR right now:

1) You must have an Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Registration/licence BEFORE you process any data.

2) You must write a bespoke Privacy Policy for your business with a number of prescribed sections covering the way you deal with Data.

3) If you have a CCTV system either inside or outside the premises you must have a written Policy document, staff training and keep records to comply with the legislation.

4) You must consider the Data the business currently holds and decide whether you are holding it legally under one of the six new acceptable reasons for doing so. (Complete a Data Audit)

5) You must have a written plan on how to respond if you receive a ‘Subject Access Request’.

6) You must understand what a Subject Access Request is and how to legally respond to it, including which data to include and in what form, timescales, identity confirmation and methods of response.

7) You must ensure all communication with prospects both old and new complies with the new  regulations, including their specific (and recent) consent if appropriate, renewed consent from old contacts and ensure the communication references your Privacy policy, Licence number etc.

8) If you have staff, ensure your Privacy Policy covers your HR & Payroll function.

9) If either HR or Payroll is outsourced to third party providers you must have compliant contracts with the supplier AND evidence that the supplier is compliant themselves!

10) You must have an updating and future-proofing plan for the business going forward.

This may seem like a lot to do and it is!

The alternative is a hefty fine, a criminal record and perhaps the loss of your business, so if you are thinking you can’t be bothered or it doesn’t apply to you - please think again!


Transition Law can provide bespoke professional services to small and medium businesses to ensure compliance. Contact us for your FREE TELEPHONE ASSESSMENT to discuss your own requirements. NB: The maximum fine is £17,500,000 or 4% of your turnover.



Finally, please remember the regulations are in force NOW.

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Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, LPAs.

Please contact us on 0330 2233 506 for FREE initial advice.


The Transition Law team has a wealth of experience specific to Wills & Trust Law. Everyone should understand, they need a Will if only to express their wishes. Business people have specific needs that can only be met by having a professionally drafted Will.

Both Business Owners and private individuals know that they ought to have a Will BUT has anyone told you what happens to your possessions, your money and your family if you don't?

This page gives you information about the current state of English Law in these matters and if you are like most people we speak with, some of it will be a big surprise and some of it may shock you!


The time is spent and the sacrifices are made to ensure your family's future. However, in order to pass your possessions on after your death in the way YOU want them to be, your Will MUST include the correct instructions for your Executors. EG: If you own a business and your Will does not include the correct business clause your  business may have to cease trading and all your hard work can be lost forever.​ Whether you are in business or not, you should take clear, professional advice to provide for your family after you have gone.



Last Wills & Testament Factsheet:


Here is just some of what you need to know!

  • Up to 70% of UK citizens do not have a valid and current Will


  • If you die without a Will (Intestate) the Government decides who gets your things

  • If you get married your Will becomes Void. If you get Divorced it does not!

  • An unmarried ex-spouse can make a claim on your estate when you die.

  • Your Step Children CANNOT inherit from you unless you make a Will


  • You CANNOT leave your own children out of your Will without special clauses


  • After your death a Will can prevent your spouses new spouse leaving everything to their children and not yours

  • Your business may have to close if you don't leave a Will.


  • A Will can help reduce losses due to Care Home Fees 

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document,  which authorises someone to act for you in case you become incapacitated and cannot act for yourself. E.g. through Illness, accident or age


Most people do not understand that if they are unconscious or have lost their ability to reason, NO ONE can act for you unless you have previously arranged it. In such a case, the Government takes over, in the form of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). They direct  what will happen to you and your belongings, this action is enforced by rulings from the Court of Protection.


NB: Even a spouse cannot make decisions about you, go into your bank account, pay your bills, advise on your preferences for medical treatment etc. The ONLY way to prevent this is to write your LPA BEFORE anything happens.

Lasting Power of Attorney Factsheet.

Here is just some of what you need to know!

  • Not just for older people anyone can become incapacitated, unconscious (Eg. coma) etc at any age


  • Around 90% of people DO NOT have one - even higher than Wills!


  • Without an LPA the Government, not your family runs your affairs


  • Without an LPA your money and spending is not under your or your family's control


  • If you are unconscious, even your spouse cannot access your bank account, pay bills (mortgage?) etc without authority from a court


  • Without an LPA your family has to apply to become your 'Deputy' which costs a lot of money and can take several months


  • All of this can be avoided by deciding who will do what, before anything happens.

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Probate Matters

Probate Services are a critical area of both Legal Service and Client Care. As a Client you need confidence in the Professionals you engage to assist you and certainty that your costs are Fixed and won't change.
Take away the worry of cost. we will agree a fixed price with you before we start any work. Our Free Estate Assessment will establish the work required and generate the fixed price. One of our Legally qualified staff will visit you personally, wherever you are in the country.
We provide you a named individual and a direct telephone number to keep you in touch.
Your Dedicated Estate Manager will keep you updated with the progress of your case.
Anyone who can get Online can easily use our interactive Case management software
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Business Consultancy

Consultancy skills learned over many years put Transition Law at the forefront of UK Business advisors. At Transition Law you can access top quality Business Consultancy advice, assistance with Legal and professional advice to develop and improve your business and secure your position both as an Entrepreneur and Employer.

Here are some areas of Consultancy we can assist with.


Business Development Consultancy

Product development Consultancy

IPO Assessment Consultancy

Fundraising & Venture Capital Options

Staff Recruitment Consultancy

Project Management

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