Paralegal Training

Become a Professional GDPR Assessor with our ​Paralegal Training Course

We Need More People to help us with our GDPR Clients.

The General Data Protection Protection Regulations (GDPR) is legislation which applies to every business.

Transition Law provides Legal Services to businesses to help them comply with the new rules.

We are looking for people across the UK to train to be a professional GDPR Assessor.

No Previous Legal Experience required.

Professional Training Course - GDPR Assessor

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affect ALL businesses. The Transition Law People Academy training course teaches how to professionally assess and advise businesses for compliance.



We teach you everything you need to know to take professional instructions from business owners on our comprehensive course, followed by support and mentoring by our qualified staff for as long as you need it.

NB: The training will enable you to source clients and take their instructions but we do NOT expect you to become a Lawyer. (You cannot do that in 2 days!).


However, you don't have to worry, all legal paperwork and documentation is prepared for you by our Head Office team of legal professionals, to allow you to concentrate on developing your business, finding new clients and enjoying your new status as a professional GDPR Assessor. 

Course Overview: GDPR Assessor - Course cost £1950 inclusive of:

1) Two full days in the classroom with our legally trained staff

2) Ongoing Mentoring and lead generation training


3) GDPR Compliant Business paperwork pack.


4) Legal forms, business and ID cards for your business.


5) Full Legal support and back up of an established Law firm


6) Marketing support and advice to build your business


7) Opportunity for advancement to full Paralegal status


8) Course graduates daily earning potential of £245+

Some of the Important Organisations

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Weekend Taster Course - £495 Per Person

This course is delivered over 2 days at weekends throughout the year.

It is designed to show you what being a Paralegal is all about.  During the course we will cover many aspects of life as a trained Paralegal. We will demonstrate various aspects of the Law and Legal businesses in general.


You will learn many useful things on the course, in fact most people find it fascinating and report they have learned a significant amount of useful knowledge they can put to use straightaway in their everyday lives.

The course is delivered over 2 days and includes guest speakers, useful Legal advice, special information, 'tricks of the trade', unique client counselling techniques, business management and marketing advice and much, much more!

The entire course is a fun and entertaining overview of life as a Paralegal and is open to anyone, those interested in a Legal career and those who simply wish to know a bit more about the Legal profession or get themselves some information for their own Personal Development.


Attendees know that Legal products and services apply to every person, business and sector in the marketplace today and the information they gather is useful to them regardless of their existing business or career.

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The Initial Paralegal Training Course - (IPTC) Course Cost £4450

The Initial Paralegal Training Course is open to anyone regardless of their background or previous training who wants to become qualified to run their own Paralegal business or sometimes is completed by someone who simply wishes to understand the areas of Law and training covered in the course.

A new Transition Law People student will follow a detailed and enjoyable training course to prepare them for their new role. As a graduate of the course you will be known as a Transition Law People Paralegal.

​The course is designed to fit into the busy schedule of someone who is working. The course is delivered over 2 consecutive weekends allowing the student time for reflection and additional study between the classroom sessions. Following the conclusion of the course a student will be fully prepared to begin their career as a practicing Paralegal.

Professional Body Recognition.

Following a period of mentoring and practical experience, Graduates of the course are entitled to join the Institute of Paralegals, a prestigious professional body.

Mentoring & Support

"In every professional environment, trainees have a qualified mentor and you will be no different. You will be allocated a legally qualified mentor who will always be available to answer your questions and help you prepare for your new role."


Business Licence

Completing the IPTC leads to a professional relationship under Licence with Transition Law as a professional business which can be operated across the UK.

What will I learn?

​A new Transition Law People Paralegal will follow a detailed and enjoyable training course to prepare them for their new role. In every professional environment, trainees have a qualified mentor and you will be no different. During this time you will be allocated a legally qualified mentor who will be available to answer your questions and help you to prepare for your new role, prior to attending the IPTC course at Transition Law Head Office. 

The course is designed to prepare you for your new career as a Paralegal, during the course you will study some areas of English Law and both the Financial and Business topics relevant to your new role as a Paralegal.


The topics include:

  • An introduction to UK Law and Legal Procedures

  • An introduction to Wills & Trusts

  • The requirements of Probate

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (Personal & Business)

  • Client counselling skills

  • Legal instruction taking skills

  • Elderly client considerations

  • Equity Release Law and Practice

  • HMRC Research & Development Claims for small Business

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The Residential course also includes details of how to operate your Transition Law People business including:

  • An introduction to UK Law and Legal Procedures

  • An introduction to Wills & Trusts

  • The requirements of Probate

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (Personal & Business)

  • Client counselling skills

  • Legal instruction taking skills

  • Elderly client considerations

  • Equity Release Law and Practice

  • HMRC Research & Development Claims for small Business

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Continuing Support & Development for New Paralegals

Following successful completion of the IPTC course you will be ready to start your new career, confident in your ability and supported by your professional mentor. The mentoring program lasts for the whole of your time with Transition Law People.


However, like all professional Law firms Transition Law is committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the principles of Lifelong Learning. Consequently, you will be issued with a set of specially written Training Manuals to ensure you can maintain your professional knowledge and review all the aspects of your training course in your own time and at your own pace.


Regular Free of charge seminars and workshops are held around the country to ensure all the Transition Law People are fully updated with the changing landscape of professional Legal advice.

​What Kind of Marketing and Client gathering support do Transition Law People get?


Following successful completion of their introductory training Transition Law People have access to a set of Unique Online and Offline marketing tools to make the introduction of their new business to prospective clients as straightforward as possible.

Every Transition Law People Paralegal has access to an annual marketing budget, provided by Head Office to help you find more clients and encourage referrals. We will explain the details of this amazing marketing tool and how to use it on your course, it does not affect your commission, so it costs you nothing at all! 

Transition Law already has a network of introducers across the country providing leads for new business. The leads are distributed to the Transition Law People Paralegals according to their geographic location. There is no charge for this incredibly valuable marketing system which supports your business practice.

Other Transition Law People marketing tools include Our specially produced, 1 minute long, client education videos which make your job so much simpler, because the education portion of the process has already been done for you. Introducing clients to the videos is achieved with our unique marketing tools which you will learn on the residential course.

Used properly, along with the many other marketing techniques you will be shown, the Transition Law marketing suite ensures all Transition Law People have no need for old fashioned cold calling instead they have a constant line of ready and willing clients!

NB: The system has been designed for people with no previous knowledge of the subject. Following our proven system of client gathering and marketing will ensure your success. However, we only need a few new paralegals each year and each one gets personal attention.


To begin with, we encourage you to contact us for an initial informal conversation to see if the business is right for you, without obligation on either side.

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What Kind of Products do Transition Law People offer?

The Transition Law product range is being updated on a regular basis to engage with a wider and wider audience. However, certain products require specialist training and Transition Law People are initially shown how to engage with clients in certain essential areas to ensure their confidence grows along with their income in the first few months.

Over time and with additional experience and training other opportunities will come along. However, the initial range of products is quite extensive and easily capable of translating into a substantial income from your business in the first few months.


Transition Law People will initially promote a range of Legal & Financial products for business and personal use, which includes the following:

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Equity Release Mortgages

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Prepaid Funeral Plans

  • International Funeral Plans

  • Data Protection & GDPR Consultation

  • HMRC Business Research & Development claims

  • Business Mediation & Arbitration

  • Business Consultancy Advice

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The Transition Law Product Brochure is produced for distribution to clients. 

The UK Market for Legal Services

The market for your Transition Law People Legal Services is literally every person you meet, from a retired elderly couple to a busy Managing Director of a Company, the next person who serves you in a shop or the Taxi driver who takes you on a journey.

The Legal Services and Business products you provide form the structure and fabric of society, the Transition Law People who provide them secure and protect others in a very real and practical way.

To see our range of products just click on the brochure picture opposite.

After completing our comprehensive training you will be able to confidently discuss the Legal product options with your clients. However, our experienced Legal team will complete any drafting work or document preparation for you. This allows you plenty of time to build your business.

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How do I get more information about Transition Law Paralegal Training?

If you like what you see, if this sounds like you or you feel this is what you would like to become, please contact us HERE and we will call you for an informal chat to discuss your suitability for the role.