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This week the Data Regulator (The ICO) have announced they

"..have launched a campaign to contact ALL REGISTERED COMPANIES in the UK reminding them of their legal responsibility to pay a data protection fee."

They go on to say that this move...

"..marks the start of an extensive programme to make sure the Data Protection Fee is paid by all those who need to pay it."

Furthermore, they remind readers that although they do publish the names of those who have paid, they also Name most of those who receive a fine for not paying!

NB: The max fine is currently £4350.

This process is a HUGE undertaking and demonstrates the ICOs serious intentions about fee collection.

HOWEVER - If a Company hasn't registered they may not have complied in other areas and this initiative may well flush out other offences being committed (and fines applied) by non compliant Companies.

If YOU are still not sure of your responsibilities under the legislation you can check without any cost by using the FREE LEGAL ADVICE HELPLINE offered by Transition Law. Further details are available HERE:

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