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TV Success for SHIELD Holders!

Congratulations to Quality Bailiffs who are entering their second year as SHIELD Holders.

This year has been tough for everyone but as Officers of the Court, Bailiffs have had to deal with the shifting sands of changes in legislation, alteration and variations of their powers and a constant stream of restrictions and Lockdown issues across the Country.

Nevertheless, Quality Bailiffs have continued to keep Data Protection at the forefront of their activities and have been awarded SHIELD Holder status again as a result.

During the last 12 months Quality Bailiffs have been approached by the BBC to appear in their show 'The Sheriffs are Coming' which required a lot of planning and preparation not

least of which was the GDPR compliance aspects of working with a TV production company and the Broadcast regulations to satisfy OFCOM. Nevertheless, Quality Bailiffs have risen to the challenge and their SHIELD membership demonstrated their compliance for both aspects of the show.

They will be on our screens again tonight 6th October 2020 at 8PM!

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