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The GDPR Check & Verify Register

What is the GDPR Check & Verify Register?

* A Business Membership Register to Check & Verify Data Protection Compliance and a Voluntary Code of Business Conduct which the Members agree to follow.

* A Register of verified data protection aware businesses.

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To View the Terms & Conditions of Membership Click HERE

Why Join the GDPR Check & Verify Register?

* Membership demonstrates your Data Protection compliance status, which is a legal requirement.

* The right to display the Registered Member accreditation and logo.

* Use your compliant status for Marketing purposes and get more business and recommendations.

* Membership is FREE OF CHARGE to any compliant Business.

How to join the GDPR Check & Verify Register?

* Contact us using the form opposite to start your application with a Free Telephone Assessment of your business.

* Use of The GDPR Check & Verify Register logo, the member benefits and other advantages are available free of charge to any compliant business.


* Businesses who believe they are compliant must submit evidence of their compliance for assessment prior to being entered on the Register.

* A telephone call to assess the necessary documents to be submitted will be provided free of charge.


* NB: Assessment of the Data Protection documents for The GDPR Check & Verify Register is subject to a £100 Administration Fee.

Assessment Application Form

Thank you for your request we will be in touch shortly.

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