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The Book of Universal Hope

The team at Transition Law are proud to be involved in this project.


The  Book of Universal Hope is an anthology of inspiring true stories of Human perseverance and tenacity when things looked very bleak, which ultimately lead to unexpected success and happiness.


The purpose of the Book of Universal Hope is to demonstrate that often, in spite of appearances to the contrary, Hope in the future is justified and in fact, is waiting around the corner, all anyone has to do is make sure they keep going long enough to take advantage of it.

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The Book of Universal Hope will be written by the people who overcame obstacles, suffered doubt and depression but hung on and eventually experienced happiness they did not dare to dream of in their darkest moments.

The Book of Universal Hope is NOT a 'Success Manual'

it is an Anthology of Hope for all of us.


We need YOUR stories of tenacity and perseverance to inspire others who are currently in need of Hope!


The stories may be either extraordinary or everyday examples of Human perseverance.


We believe it is equally inspiring that a person with depression or suicidal thoughts eventually becomes a business owner or successfully raises a family as it is when someone climbs a mountain. People should read abut BOTH stories! 

Please contact the Author to discuss your own story for publication using the contact form below

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