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2018 Transition Law People Review

27th December 2018

To all Transition Law People Paralegals.

As the year comes to a close, we can all look back on an exciting time of major

developments both professionally and legally with even more new and interesting developments in the New Year.

Transition Law People Paralegals have been involved in advising clients both large and small across the UK, especially with regard to the GDPR and Privacy developments, suddenly took such a dramatic turn with the first Prison sentence being handed out for a privacy breach!

Traditionally, the New Year is a major recruiting time for business opportunities, sales organisations and similar commercial operations.

Consequently, we look forward to further developing our scaleable compliance model for businesses who operate with teams of self employed sales people.

Each Self-employed Sales Person must by Law have an ICO licence and bespoke paperwork. Using our new system, this is now both possible and demonstrable to the authorities.

The Paralegal Academy will open its doors once again in 2019 and be training some new people to develop additional areas of the country, which do not currently have a 'resident' representative. We do cover everywhere from Head Office but it is much more convenient when we have a fully trained Paralegal 'around the corner'.

NB: There are still some geographic areas available, so if you know anyone who wants a fulfilling and lucrative Legal career without any previous legal experience, let them know how much fun you're having!

Finally, with 'ePrivacy', another major new Data privacy law, due in 2019 along with Brexit and various other major events affecting all of us the future promises to continue to be 'interesting' for some considerable time to come.

A very Happy New Year to you all!

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