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£275+ per day. Train as a GDPR Assessor!

13th July 2018

Happy Friday Everyone!

It is time to report on another busy week at HQ TLP!

We are just SIX weeks into the Earth shattering changes precipitated by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) but in response to our question “How are you getting on with your GDPR compliance?” too many people are still saying “G-D-P- What?”

Small businesses who do understand that something important has happened are contacting us on a daily basis, usually worried about the extent of their responsibilities and concerned how much it might cost just to pick up the phone and talk to a Lawyer!

So, we have decided to do something about it, in addition to just moaning about it on here every Friday!

Starting right now, we are offering every SME business owner a FREE telephone assessment of their GDPR needs and we are extending our Paralegal team by recruiting 6 – 8 more people to be GDPR advisors to concentrate specifically on SME Businesses.

We have already had several enquiries and with daily earnings of £275+ we understand why!

If YOU know anyone who would like to run their own business, can take on board some new information and are happy to speak to small business owners, let them know that full details of the assessors training courses and are available on the website:

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