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Today there is more pressure than ever before on all businesses, large and small, to comply with the ever changing panacea of UK Law and Regulation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Data Protection Compliance arena. The UK Data Regulator is tasked to keep the public’s data safe and uses its wide ranging powers regularly to fine businesses of all sizes.

In the SME sector, Information and education is the key to avoiding difficulties. Transition Law SHIELD was created in 2018 to address these issues and support our SME business clients. Since 2018 we have helped hundreds of businesses to become and stay compliant with GDPR who in turn have worked with us to create a Voluntary code of Business Conduct and we have received awards for our work in both 2020 and 2021.

Today, a new era of SME business support has dawned with a rebranded accreditation now called ‘The GDPR Check & Verify Register’. A new logo and updated technology behind the system will allow a more effective demonstration of our Members compliance to the public, more and greater Member Benefits and despite all the improvements Accredited Membership and the associated Member Benefits remain completely FREE OF CHARGE!

All existing SHIELD Holders will receive accreditation onto The GDPR Check & Verify Register following their annual data audit and renewal. Accreditation for those who have already renewed in 2022 is being rolled out immediately and the new bespoke logo will arrive by email in the next few days.

We see a bright future for our Members and The GDPR Check & Verify Register and we look forward to welcoming many more new members in the next weeks and months.

Full details and new information about The GDPR Check & Verify Register can be found Online at

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