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A Momentous Day!

9th March 2018

There are two pieces of BIG news this week.

The FIRST piece of news is that following a busy two weeks of promotional activity, we have NO MORE SaviShare business units for sale!

This of course means that the only way anyone can become a SaviSharer is to buy an existing business unit from an existing Affiliate, which puts the value of the existing businesses up yet again!

Remember, anyone who wants to sell their business needs to do so through Head Office to ensure the new owner has a good title to it.

The SECOND piece of BIG news is that Transition Law People which is the brand under which our Paralegals operate have had a momentous day: -

The very first Transition Law People Branded car hit the roads this afternoon!

We hope to have several vehcles joining the fleet over the next few weeks and all this activity will draw attention to Transition Law and help everyone's business with brand recognition.

We thought we would share this information with you, on this occasion by sharing with you the latest copy of the Paralegals Newsletter as below.

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