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International Medical Market Research Company Awarded SHIELD

Congratulations to Biopharma Research Ltd who have been awarded SHIELD for their commitment to data protection excellence in their business practices.

Biopharma Research is an international agency producing biotech and healthcare medical research reports and market analysis for some of the largest names in the global marketplace.

If your organisation needs to approach individuals or companies for medical market research purposes whether relating to published information or custom designed programmes, you need a fully compliant business who understands the needs of its professional clients.

The Marketing task in every Company speaks to their ability to adhere to the various Regulations which now apply to this most essential task. We should all examine our Marketing practices closely and confirm they comply with the rules.

It is worthy of note that in small businesses almost all data protection fines stem from misunderstandings about Marketing matters and with fines in the range of £40,000 - £250,000 few businesses can survive such a financial onslaught.

Contact SHIELD for a free assessment of your GDPR and Data Protection protocols.

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