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Business Innovation Centre (The BIC) Year Two for SHIELD!

Congratulations to Sandra Butterworth and her team at the Staffordshire & Black Country Business Innovation Centre (The BIC) who are entering their SECOND year as a SHIELD Holder.

The BIC are responsible for arranging funding for new and innovative businesses and have millions of pounds at their disposal to assist business owners.

There are many individuals and organisations who make an invaluable contribution to the marketplace advising small businesses.

It is of the utmost importance when engaging with advisors or consultants for your business whether for marketing, legal, commercial or financial advice that you conduct your Due Diligence on the advisors.

E.g. Can they show you proof of their own Data privacy compliance? If not, how do you know what they will do with the Data they collect about you and your business.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate compliance is SHIELD Membership. Anyone can click the SHIELD on your website and remove all doubt about your compliance!

SHIELD Membership is FREE to any compliant business.

So there is no good reason not to be a member, IF you are compliant!

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