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Can you DEMONSTRATE you are GDPR compliant when asked by your EXISTING customers or suppliers?

28th March 2019

For quite a while, Large Companies and Councils have been asking contractors to demonstrate their GDPR compliance before allowing them to contract for work. The Regulations require this step.

Recently, we have seen a trend towards smaller businesses, suppliers and the General Public asking for confirmation of GDPR compliance as part of their buying decision process. Trade Suppliers are using compliance as part of their criteria when choosing whether to trade with any given business or not.

Gone are the days when 'any customer was a good customer'. The regulations now require businesses to check who they are dealing with and the General public are catching on fast that its a great way to 'check out' a prospective Goods or Services provider.

The public are saying, if this business hasn't bothered to get GDPR compliant, what other Criminal Law might they be ignoring?

Its a perfectly reasonable question to ask when you might be about to hand over your hard earned money and your personal details. Remember, not all Cowboys wear a Stetson!   

Businesses who cannot show they are compliant risk losing the new customer to competitors who can or not being able to trade with suppliers or other businesses who are conscious of their own data privacy requirement.

In conclusion, compliant businesses across the UK are using the Transition Law S.H.I.E.L.D. Program to demonstrate their compliance. Further information can be found about the Program HERE but the most important fact is that the S.H.I.E.L.D Program is absolutely FREE!

Get S.H.I.E.L.D. for your business and demonstrate YOUR compliance today.

Call 0330 2233 506

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