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Data Sharing in the Arboricultual, Horticultural and Environment industries.

Tree survey experts, Urban Forestry Group renew their SHIELD Membership for their third consecutive year.

The Data Management and Data Sharing aspects relating to their Arboricultural, Horticultural and Ecological roles intertwine requiring strict adherence to GDPR and Data Protection principles especially where they are engaged in work controlled by the British Standards requirements, County Councils and as expert witnesses at Court.

As a professional Member of the Arboricultural Association, Urban Forestry Group are often called upon to use their expert knowledge.

They are invaluable contributors with large scale housing development projects, considering the practical environmental impact of the development. They use their skills to advise stakeholders in various Horticultural projects, working with the Council Tree Officers in planning applications and providing expert witness evidence in Court cases. In a recent case, they identified the results of a tree which had been attacked with bleach, causing it to rot and fall on a vehicle, happily without injury to anyone.

Transition Law have been very pleased to advise on the Data Protection and Data Sharing issues involved in their professional activity. We look forward to the fulfilment of their latest technological project, the development of a cloud based Data Management, Sharing and Storage platform called Mapscape.

The new system, will be used across the industry as a central UK repository of knowledge and information, instead of data being held locally by each participant, such as individual Architects. The new technology will allow access to the relevant data by authorised stake holders and help to develop an integrated information system, which will have many benefits across their own industry and beyond.

Good Data protection protocols lie at the heart of any information sharing system and establishing the system by design at an early stage of development is the best way to proceed. Congratulations to Urban Forestry Group and Mapscape.

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