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Do You Use Holistic or Complementary Therapy?

When you receive your treatment and enjoy the calm and soothing environment of the practitioners premises (or even at your home) how many people consider whether the relaxed nature of their surroundings and often, the therapists voice also extends to a relaxed attitude towards the protection of your confidential information?

Under the GDPR, medical information is treated as ‘Special Category’ Data. The Regulator has said even the practitioner’s appointment book, from which it can be inferred what kind of treatment has been received, (Osteopathy, REIKI etc) should be considered Special Category Data.

So, next time you are enjoying a treatment perhaps enquire as to whether the practitioner can demonstrate their compliance and is taking care of both you and your Personal Data, then you can safely relax and enjoy the experience!

If you would like more information about these matters simply contact us or if you are a Practitioner we offer a free legal advice telephone help line on 0330 2233 506.

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