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Electric Bike Company gains SHIELD Holder status!

We are pleased to welcome The EMU Electric Bike Company as a SHIELD holder. They have demonstrated their compliance with the GDPR and Data Protection Regulations and have been awarded full SHIELD Holder status.

Emu was formed in 2014 to bring value and style to the electric bike market in the UK and across Europe. During these unusual times and with more Online sales than ever before, it is important for any business to ensure their business systems and legal protocols are in place.

We are currently aware of additional activity from the Data Regulator with particular regard to Online Marketing and Sales. Remember, even if you trade exclusively Online, you need to complete a ‘Data Audit’ of your business and create a set of compliant paperwork and policies explaining how your business uses the Personal Data provided to it from all sources.

The ICO have said they will ‘come down hard’ on any business found to be exploiting the Coronavirus lockdown by ignoring or circumventing the Data Protection Regulations.

If YOUR business is compliant, you should let people know about it, apply for your own SHIELD today – membership is FREE of Charge.

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