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Feedback on the First GDPR Course: How to Trade with the ‘Big Boys’!

31st January 2019

Following on from our 30th December BLOG we have now completed the first in house GDPR training for Small Business Owners.

The Two Day course was very well received by the attendees and as usual we enjoyed hearing their stories of life in the real outside world of small business in these somewhat uncertain times.

It transpired that the attendees, all small business owners in their own right, were struggling to come to terms with the restrictions placed on them by GDPR.

By far, the overwhelming number of their stories related to trading and dealing with larger companies in the marketplace.

The GDPR regulations require businesses to confirm the compliance of other businesses they are working with. Consequently, smaller firms looking for a ‘piece of the pie’ are now getting formal requests to demonstrate their GDPR compliance.

 - An impossible task if you spent last year ignoring GDPR! -

The attendees on our course now fully understand their compliance requirements, they have been provided with documented proof of their own compliance with which to market their services and adequately tender for business with the largest of firms and FREE membership of the only GDPR Consumer Protection and Business Support Program in the World: Transition Law S.H.I.E.L.D.

Taking and understanding their feedback has led us to create a BRAND NEW COURSE for next month relating to real world practicalities of marketing matters within the GDPR framework, the course is called Has data protection KILLED business marketing activity?

There will be another Assessors course in February as well as the GDPR Marketing course.

However, places will be limited so early booking is essential to ensure you and your business stay up to date and safe within the rules.

Finally, for any business that needs specific GDPR training we can offer bespoke training packages if you have Five or more Employees that require GDPR Legal and Marketing knowledge.

Please contact us directly for all your GDPR Legal advice and Training on our new Transition Law People Training Academy telephone number 01543 547002

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