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Franchises are Getting Compliant!

10th August 2018

In her latest annual report, Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner urges UK Companies to "Wake up and smell the coffee." in relation to their failure to implement privacy policy documentation.

As a data protection advisor, Transition Law recognises her frustration that small business owners still do not fully recognise the weight of obligation placed upon them by the GPPR. 

We are still encountering far too many business owners who either believe it does not apply to them or have taken advice from the proverbial ‘mate down the pub’ who have told them not to bother.  Needless to say we have to remind them their ‘mate’ will not pay their fines!

However, it is encouraging that in some sectors of business the message is getting through.  We are finding, in businesses where they have teams of self employed people they are understanding their responsibilities.  

Particularly, firms with self employed sales people, Network Marketing Companies and Franchises who must all understand the Data Controller/Data Processor relationship as well as the self employed individual’s Data Controller responsibilities in their own right. 

The benefits to the business concerned are many but used properly, in marketing and advertising, it will encourage new customers and suppliers, give reassurance to existing ones and satisfy the enquiries of prospective members and, lest we forget, the Regulator!

Transition Law is still offering a free initial telephone consultation to explain these responsibilities to any business owner who needs it.

One of our most recent clients, in this area, sent us the following testimonial after installation of their new data protection procedures:

"As a Franchise company, we knew we needed to comply with the new data protection regulations.  Transition Law explained everything to us clearly and prepared documentation for us to be compliant. The process was informative and cost effective and we have no hesitation in recommending Transition Law to other business owners." Jim Lawlor, Snack Aid Ltd.

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