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GDPR Check & Verify Register Update

The GDPR Check & Verify Register Membership continues to grow apace, we have a large number of users in many industry sectors across the UK.

The distinctive logo is easily recognisable on members websites and gives their clients peace of mind that the business takes their information privacy seriously.

The public should always check the data protection status of a business they deal with and the Check & verify logo makes this easy.

The Data Regulator has recently extended its ‘naming and shaming’ to include occasions where a reprimand is issued to businesses, so compliant businesses welcome the opportunity to display their Check & Verify membership so clearly.

New members and those renewing after 12 months are entered on our social Media posts. This week alone we welcome back for another 12 months

Accelerate Associates Ltd

3 Beam Ltd Dental imagery

Simply Naturals Ltd

111 Direct Ltd

Osteolabs Ltd

London Office Ltd

If you would like to apply for Free Membership of the Register contact us at

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