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GDPR Staff Training - is a legal requirement!

Congratulations to our SHIELD Holder Davroy Contracts of Birmingham at for their commitment to updating their data protection systems in line with the UK-GDPR and for ensuring their staff training is compliant with the Regulations.

Staff Training in Data Protection is a legal requirement under the GDPR. It is important that all your staff members are familiar with the rules on protecting the Personal Data under control in your business. Also, it is essential that staff members react correctly and protect the business from the types of data protection incident that can cause problems.

For example, do all your staff know how to recognise a Subject Access Request? Do they know who they should report it to? Do they know that they MUST NOT respond without authorisation?

These are the sort of things that can adversely affect a business if staff training is overlooked.

A simple staff training system delivered bi-annually supplemented with the Data Regulator’s free downloadable posters and leaflets will keep the necessity of data protection in the forefront of your employees minds and ensure their attention to the details of Data Protection are maintained and your business remains protected.

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