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How to get more people to join your Home Business Team!

Paul from West Yorkshire is a SHIELD BRAND INFLUENCER and UTILITY WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR who is very pleased with his new SHIELD Membership Brochure and the New Member Benefits which include Free Legal and Marketing Advice.

Paul said:

The Home Business industry is in need of clear direction with regard to Data Protection Compliance, especially when it comes to Marketing. The fines for getting this wrong can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

We are all independent business owners and I would advise anyone to get some free legal advice for themselves, as I did. Once I became a SHIELD Holder in my own right, I also became a Brand Influencer for SHIELD.

I cannot think of a better way to persuade business prospects to join my team because I can demonstrate my business's compliance to them with the click of a button!

Transition Law SHIELD is a free business advice and accreditation programme for any business owner who wants to guarantee longevity to their enterprise. If you run a small independent or Home business of any kind, contact us for your FREE advice today at:

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