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New London Business makes a Fast Start!

Congratulations to a new SHIELD Holder Dilliwale Limited who are a Vegetarian Indian Food Business based in London.

They are about to launch a new delivery food concept and have made the wise (and legally correct) decision to ensure they are fully compliant for GDPR & Data Protection BEFORE commencing trading.

All Restaurants and Takeaways must comply with Data Protection and may be subject to fines if they breach the Regulations.

In recent times the Government has issued instructions for hospitality venues to assist with the NHS Test & Trace scheme. However, it must be remembered that the Government assumes that businesses engaged in such activity are ALREADY FULLY COMPLIANT for Data Protection. Any business collecting and processing Personal data from the Public needs the correct policies in place.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Have you ever thought of checking the Data Protection compliance of your Food Delivery Service Provider?


Do you hand over your Name, Address, Email and Phone Number details Willy Nilly? Well, not with Dilliwale!

See their SHIELD Membership HERE

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