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No More Mr 'Nice ICO'!

22nd May 2019

As we approach the first anniversary of GDPR this week, we decided that today we would take you into the centre of the dark heart of the Information Commissioners Office and show you precisely what YOU WILL FACE if you have a Data Breach in YOUR business!

We often speak about being able to DEMONSTRATE COMPLIANCE and the most common response is “I’m sure we’re OK” or “We’re working towards it.” After a year of GDPR this is unacceptable!

If YOU are in that group here is some important information:

The ICO have a form which you MUST fill in if you report a Data Breach to them. It is available to download on their website. On the form there are various questions but there are TWO very specific, unavoidable, direct and penetrating questions which are designed to make you DEMONSTRATE YOUR COMPLIANCE and you MUST answer them.

The FIRST question of interest is:

“Had the Staff Member involved in the breach received data protection training in the last two years?”

The answer options are YES or NO or I DON’T KNOW. Obviously if you say YES you will need to prove it and the other 2 answers lead you straight into the Rabbit Hole!

The SECOND question says:

“Describe any measures you had in place before the breach with the aim of preventing a breach of this nature.”

So, Over to you – its time for you to DEMONSTRATE COMPLIANCE!

If you are not sure you can successfully demonstrate compliance in your organisation PLEASE take our FREE telephone helpline assistance where you can speak to an expert without charge.

Call us TODAY - Transition Law: 0330 2233 506.

NB: We CANNOT put the Genie back in the bottle, you need to call us BEFORE you have a Data Breach

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