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No Business wants to get infected by the poor Data Protection practices of another business - It's like inviting a Zombie to bite you!

Even if your business is Compliant, dealing with a non compliant business can cause you to break the Law! Especially if that business is already under investigation by the ICO for their Data Protection practices.

Under Article 28 GDPR you are REQUIRED to check that your suppliers or Contractors are compliant before you engage them. If you transfer Personal Data between yourselves and another business, you must understand which is the Controller and which is the Processor.

The Data Controller must provide their Data Processor with a written Data Processors contract containing the clauses specified in the Regulations.

If you do not know or are just not sure if they are compliant contact us at Transition Law SHIELD and we will check for you and keep you safe from the Data Zombies - Free of Charge!

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