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Second Year as a SHIELD HOLDER!

Congratulations to Electraspec Ltd, Electrical Design Engineers in Worcester. They are entering their second year as SHIELD Holders which has been approved due to their continued commitment to GDPR compliance.

When choosing any contractor, sub contractor or supplier, remember to check their GDPR compliance before you hand over any Personal Data to protect your own business reputation!

Remember, Article 28 GDPR makes it a legal requirement to confirm that businesses you share data with are compliant - Failing to do this means YOU commit an offence and if the receiving firm mishandles the data you can be FINED by the Regulator and SUED by the Data Subject!

If you intend to work with ANY firm or employ ANY business to work for you CHECK they are compliant - Its your legal responsibility. One of the simplest ways to check is to find out whether they are a SHIELD HOLDER.

NB: becoming a SHIELD HOLDER is FREE OF CHARGE if a business is compliant, so a great question to ask if a business is not a SHIELD HOLDER is this - "Why Not!?"

Search for SHIELD HOLDERS here: -

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