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For over 2 years we have been talking endlessly about the need for businesses to understand they must be Compliant for GDPR & Data Protection.

However, this week the deluge appears to have arrived, prompted no doubt by additional time on peoples hands during Lockdown, in the last 2 weeks we have seen a substantial increase in direct attacks upon SMEs GDPR plans and policies or usually the LACK of them.

In some cases it is simply too late to help them, they were unprepared and must suffer the consequences, in other cases a detailed rebuttal of the attack was possible but it was a costly exercise for those involved.

So here is today's exercise - simply type "GDPR CLAIMS" into Google. You will be 'deluged' with firms scrambling to help people make claims against those who they perceive to have mishandled their data! Its all 'No Win, No Fee!' So there's no reason not to!

Protect Yourself BEFORE it happens - Remember:

1. ALL businesses must comply with GDPR.

2. Data Offences have some VERY high fines.

3. You can be fined by the ICO and get Sued by the victim as well!

4. Some things can't be put right after the event.

5. You can start with some FREE advice from us.

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