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UK Holidays! - Camping and Messing about in Boats?

The lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease and people are thinking again about recreation and holidays. If you visit a Caravan Site, Marina or Holiday Park, remember that each of these places is a business and they process your Personal Data. Have you ever thought about that?

If a business holds a Transition law SHIELD then you can be sure their Data Protection protocols have been checked for compliance.

Today we are congratulating WYRE MARINA BOATYARD from the picturesque River Avon in Worcestershire. In spite of the tough economic conditions throughout the UK, they have completed their Data Audit and are entering their third year as SHIELD holders.

They are looking forward to welcoming their Members and guests back to the Riverside for what everyone hopes will be a long warm Summer season!

Always protect your Personal Data and ask businesses about their Data Protection protocols - Its your legal right to ask and it just makes Good Sense!

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